What Should You Do If You Drop Your iPhone In Water Or Spill Liquid On It?


Smartphones, by their nature, are very prone to being damaged by liquids. People check their emails in the bathroom and drop their phones into the toilet, or they spill coffee on their smartphones while they're catching up with the morning news. Worse, even very small amounts of liquid are capable of causing catastrophic damage to phones. Thankfully, newer iPhones are resistant to water. Since iPhone 7, iPhones have an adhesive applied in the cracks of the case that prevents water from getting inside the phone.

22 June 2019

Pros and Cons of Residential Security Systems


With the loss from a burglary averaging more than $2,000 as of 2010, some people find themselves considering some type of residential security system to limit their risk of such losses. Understanding the pros and cons of these systems will help make the decision a bit easier. Pro - Deters Crime The majority of police officers agree that having a monitored alarm system makes burglary attempts less likely, as these criminals are looking for the easiest places to get in and out of quickly without being noticed.

18 November 2016